OpenSea launches bulk listing action bars & 1155 substitute items


  • OpenSea is introducing two new features to their customers.
  • Bulk listing action bars and 1155 substitute items will help people who deal in NFTs.
  • OpenSea is the first non-custodial platform for the trading of NFTs.

OpenSea tweeted on February 11, 2023, about their new two features this week. They are: bulk listing action bars and 1155 substitute items.

Bulk listing action bar: When customers pick products on their account to list for sale, the chosen status will now show in a bottom-of-the-screen action bar. They enable the option to swiftly choose everyone in the same sequence in this action bar.

Moreover, customers can now view mass listings in their gathered things section by holding over an item card and hitting the “+” symbol, or by clicking “list for sale” from the “More Options” fall menu. They will subsequently be able to list up to 30 goods simultaneously.

Substitute things for 1155 purchases: They have included the “substitute items” option for 1155 items purchased, which dynamically substitutes unavailable products with other NFTs at the customer’s specified price in order to capture fast-moving goods.

OpenSea is a platform where anyone can purchase, sell, or produce NFTs. It is a noncustodial system that offers consumers ultimate control over and accessibility to their bitcoin wallets. Users engage with other specific users to purchase or sell an NFT or a package of NFTs. They’re creating technologies that will allow customers to freely exchange their products, authors to introduce new digital works, and programmers to create rich, integrated markets for their digital items. They are pleased to be the first and biggest NFT platform.