Arbitrum Nova is getting the support of OpenSea


  • OpenSea tweeted excitedly that they are now supporting Arbitrum Nova.
  • OpenSea is now linked to the Arbitrum One network.
  • Arbitrum Nova is the future of the gaming industry.

OpenSea is supporting Arbitrum Nova. Opensea announced this via Twitter on January 7, 2023. OpenSea is now connected to the Arbitrum One chain, which offers fast and cheap payments. In order to purchase an NFT on Arbitrum, one must first add Arbitrum to their wallet and link their ETH to Arbi ETH.

They’re also reinforcing Nova’s community by joining the Data Availability Committee (DAC) to provide on-chain internet connectivity and assure data integrity. On the ranks and search pages, Nova collections will still be paired alongside other Arbitrum collections under the Arbitrum chain feature. On such collection and asset pages, people will see an Arbitrum Nova classification.

Arbitrum Nova is perfect for gaming and social networking apps because of its low cost and high transaction volume. Because games constantly produce new items and currencies, and users often trade with one another, high pricing would choke in-game economies.

Arbitrum Chain is also very excited to get support from OpenSea. In an early morning tweet, they express their delight at the prospect of a social and gaming future.

Arbitrum seeks to lower transaction costs and traffic by offloading as much processing and data holding as possible off Ethereum’s primary network, which is Layer 1. Layer 2 scaling alternatives are those that store data outside of Ethereum’s blockchain. Arbitrum Nova is a new Layer2 network created by Offchain Labs, the company behind Arbitrum. It is just for DApps with high TPS.

Several accounts will encourage users to switch connections automatically. If the wallet does not allow this, the Arbitrum system must be manually added to the wallet. To transfer Ethereum on Arbitrum, one must first connect Ethereum from the Ethereum platform to the Arbitrum One networks.

Arbitrum is an Ethereum-based crypto-asset that aims to increase the efficiency and durability of smart contracts while also introducing new privacy controls. Arbitrum Rollup is a suitable scalability option for several DeFi apps and can expand any Ethereum agreement. They intend to address some of the most urgent concerns with Ethereum-based blockchain technology.