EVERYBODYS NFT collection drops on OpenSea, here’s what you need to know


  • The Everybody’s Fun compilation by Sean Solomon and David Schaefer will be available this Thursday.
  • Everybody’s is a community bursting with the animator’s talent and the storyteller’s inventiveness.
  • Each bearer has access to their neighborhood and can observe how their figures come to life in different contexts.

This Thursday marks the release of Sean Solomon and David Schaefer’s Everybody’s Fun compilation. Everybody’s is a neighborhood brimming with the skills of an animator and the creativity of an expert storyteller.

If ever there was a time to see art come to life, it is right now. Sean Solomon has created works of art that perfectly depict the beauty and charm of each character for television, music videos, and galleries. You can now own a character that embodies your unique traits.

Every bearer has access to their local area and can marvel as their figures come to life in various settings. Everyone is made up of 10,000 original characters designed by artist Sean Solomon. 

Everybodys will eventually contain animations, physical objects, stories, and more. Everyone is planning to take over the world (in a fun way). Although they were designed with animation in mind, these characters will at first display as static profile pictures. Each animation on its page is entirely modular and contains attributes that can be changed.

Artist Sean Solomon and co-founder David Schaefer, who have been friends for more than ten years through the LA DIY art and music scene, collaborated to create Everybodys. The DIY philosophy, which emphasizes inclusivity, community, and innovation, serves as an inspiration for Everybodys. Everything the team produces will be made available to holders first because EVERYBODYS ARE FOR EVERYBODY.

Sean Solomon is an illustrator, writer, and animator. For more than a decade, Sean has been honing his recognizable visual aesthetic, producing work for television, music videos, gallery exhibitions, and other venues. He has experience animating for companies including Nike, Adidas, HBO, and Adult Swim. 

His work has appeared in music videos for bands including Run the Jewels and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, as well as Fox’s “Lucas Bros Moving Co,” which he also art directed. Sean is now working on his own HBO Max pilot. He also owns the prosperous Die 9 Times apparel business. If you’ve never heard of Sean Solomon, you’ve undoubtedly seen some of his artwork online, on a tattoo, or somewhere else.