CatBlox x PUMA Capsule NFT Collection is Finally Here


  • The CatBlox x PUMA Capsule Collection is a limited collection of 2,500 NFTs distributed at random into five rarity tiers.
  • This Capsule uses a standard ERC721 interface.
  • For six days, each NFT owner can decide when to reveal the NFT and its corresponding rarity.

Last month, Today NFT News reported about PUMA’s NFT collection launch through a special coverage “PUMA’S NFT Collaboration with CatBlox Looks Interesting.”

Now, according to PUMA Football’s recent tweet, it looks like PUMA’s NFT collaboration with Catblox is finally here.

The news was confirmed by PUMA itself through an official tweet.

As per the information on CatBlox’s website, the 2,500 NFTs that celebrate PUMA’s iconic legacy as well as culture through rare items with traits and visual characteristics are co-designed by the founder of KidSuper, Colm Dillane. 

These digital tokens can be redeemed by the minters for physical apparel items that match the rarity tier of their NFT. Rarity tiers decide the NFTs traits and the rarity of the apparel item that can be claimed. 1/1 rare cat will be given to one lucky winner and they will be entitled to a 1/1 original KidSuper design. Digital as well physical items are exclusive to this Capsule Collection and won’t be sold again.

Moreover, each NFT grants the opportunity to access PUMA’s web3 future experiences and ecosystem along with first access to future Web3 activities from KidSuper. 

For six days, NFT owners can decide when to reveal their NFT and its corresponding rarity. This will provide them extra time to sell an unrevealed NFT on the secondary market, if an owner intends to sell their NFT.

All the NFTs will be automatically revealed at the end of the week-long period. Upon being revealed, NFTs will feature a small hoodie icon in the lower right corner of the image, claiming that the apparel has not been claimed. This will help the buyers on the secondary market to claim the apparel during the claim period. When the claim period ends, all indicators will disappear and claims can’t be processed.

During the claim period, the collectable hoodies can be redeemed at the members’ discretion at any time. The longstanding access and utility of the NFT will continue to permanently live on from transaction to transaction on the blockchain.