Martin Mobarak burns down Frida Kahlo Artwork to recreate NFT


  • On 30th July, Martin Mobarak burnt down the world-famous artwork made by Frida Kahlo worth 10M.
  • The artwork was burnt in the name of charity, and the proceeds were used for the same cause.
  • Many people were against the activities conducted by the CEO as burning down history and art is not a way to help the less fortunate.
On July 30th, 2022 revolutionizing the Art, Charity Works and NFTs, Martin Mobarak, CEO of Frida.nft burnt down the 10M Art piece made by Frida Kahlo. The act empowered unfortunate children, battered women and other less fortunate individuals. The proceeds from the NFT would be donated to charity for a better future for the less fortunate. Many worldwide observers are naming the act as

the drawing has been transformed to live eternally among the human world to set an example. 

While burning the art piece, Martin Mobarak claimed that Frida Kahlo would be delighted and ready to burn a piece of her diary to bring some smiles and better quality of life to children, where she will be lighting the fire. 

The CEO was trying to renounce the terms and change the perspective towards crypto business owners. But many people have been against the act since it caught some media recognition. But on the other hand, various critics are also claiming that the stunt of burning down the painting was also for transforming the future of NFT, as NFT owners have been facing an extended downtime. 

While individuals listed as beneficiaries of the Frida Kahlo Museum Trust were made aware that such an instance is against the law of the land as Frida Kahlo was a renowned artist, her works are considered national treasures. Moreover, destroying the same is a federal crime. 

Individuals around the globe have shown a moment of concern. Earlier this year, an original Banksy was burned during a live stream, and many NFT owners in the name of Currency Project have done the act. But is it worth it to burn down art and history in the name of charity is a primary concern by various world leaders as if this action continues, it would end the renowned works of famous known artists.