Kharkiv Art Museum to preserve Ukraine’s cultural heritage & art via NFT auction


  • The Kharkiv Art Museum has launched its NFT collection, Art without Borders.
  • The collection features artwork by Simon de Vlieger, Albrecht Dürer, Ivan Aivazovsky, Georg Jacob Johann van Os and several others.
  • Museums have always used non-fungible tokens to digitalize art.

The expansion of Web3 has led to the development of NFT use cases owing to the hype of digital art collections in the past few days. However, reinvention of NFT is being done like in the case of a Ukrainian art museum.

On October 13, the Kharkiv Art Museum shared about the availability of its ‘Art without Borders’ NFT collection on Binance

The collection has 15 art pieces belonging to the collection of the museum and the raised funds will be given to fund the museum so as to maintain Ukraine’s cultural heritage.

The museum is counted among the oldest in Ukraine and includes over 25,000 artworks by artists from Ukraine as well as worldwide. 

Lisa He, Binance NFT head, said that NFTs provide reassurance when donors are keen to find a safe and guaranteed way to provide funds since the transactions are registered on blockchain. Also, all donations made for causes through non-fungible tokens can be traced and can neither be modified or deleted. 

Adding on, He mentioned that owing to blockchain’s transparency, donors know when the funds have reached their destination and whether they have reached there or not.  

In the past, museums have deployed NFTs to digitalize art. For instance, in its collection, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, tokenized a piece worth millions of euros.

During the current war between Ukraine and Russia, Kharkiv city has become the subject of extreme battle. It is for this reason, the utility of the collection can secure the culture which is at the verge of destruction.

Lisa He further said:

Nascent NFT technology and the long-standing Ukraine culture heritage in the NFT will support rebuilding culture and history in real life.

To offer support and protection in Ukraine, NFTs have been utilized already. To restore real monuments that were impacted during the conflict, funds from an NFT auction were utilized. 

The Ministry of Digital Transformation in Ukraine released its personal digital NFT museum with the aim to document as well as save a timeline of noteworthy events that happened in the conflict.

According to Lisa He, Binance will back NFT projects that establish both scalable and practical solutions for several social issues, which also includes protecting the cultural heritage of Ukraine.

Back in August, Today NFT News reported that the Museum of the City of New York & Republic Records moved into NFT & metaverse.