Monuverse is preserving world monuments with NFTs


  • NFTs are now preserving the world’s heritage monuments.
  • Monuverse is minting NFTs based on the world’s famous monuments.
  • These NFTs will remain in the digital universe forever.

The real-life use cases of NFTs are only expanding with time. First, the NFTs were only decorative art pieces that gradually expanded to real estate, fashion, gaming, asset management, identity management, and much more.

Now, NFTs are being used to preserve some of the world’s renowned monuments. Monuverse is minting NFTs based on historical monuments and heritage sites across the world.

The company is using sophisticated technologies like blockchain, 3D modeling, reconstruction, 3D imaging, and generative art to create digital replicas of global monuments. These monument NFTs will then be preserved in the digital universe forever.

 Andrea Salomone, a co-founder of Monuverse said that NFTs of monuments are created with the vision to build “a tangible bridge between realities”.

He also added,

Being one of the virtual owners of a real historic monument should come with both feelings: not only do you own a cool piece, but you are actively helping safeguard heritage in an innovative and fun way.

The first NFT in this collection will be of Arco della Pace, or the Arc of Peace, in Milan, Italy. However, these monument NFTs will not be available for individual ownership under the intellectual property law of the Italian Ministry of Culture: Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscapes, Milan Authority.

There will be a drop of 7,777 NFTs which will give everyone a piece of ownership of the monument it represents.

Tokenizing world monuments will freeze the cultural and architectural traditions of the world. It will ensure that if the monuments in the real world are replenished due to some reason, they will be still present in the digital world.

Moreover, owning NFTs of monuments will be an excellent way to patronize the cultural heritage of the world.

Salomone said,

Owning a Monuverse NFT is not only an honor but also a responsibility,

A part of the funding from the NFT sales will go to the local institutions responsible for the maintenance and restoration of the monument. According to Salomone, this project is paving the path toward “change for the better.”

The co-founder of Monuverse claims that tourists who purchase a connected NFT can have a genuine feeling of ownership and belonging unlike ever before, giving virtual tourism a new level of connection to a location.