Pullman to host Australian NFT exhibition ‘Digital E/SCAPES’ to support growing & indigenous women artists


  • Pullman strives to bridge the digital and real environment to redefine the way people are brought together to create as well as exchange a meaningful culture.
  • Pullman is among the first companies worldwide to move into Web3.
  • All the artworks are based on the concept of traveling and its meaning for every single artist.

Australia is set to host a travel and immersive NFT art exhibition, Digital E/SCAPES, including four budding and native female artists from both Australia and abroad.

The exhibition will take place from November 14 to March 27, 2023 at Pullman Sydney Hyde Park Sydney before moving to Melbourne on January 9, Adelaide on February 13 and Brisbane on March 27. 

Digital E/SCAPES has 16 NFT artworks and four among them will be disclosed at a new location each. In each auction, the NFT works will be put on auction through all.accor.com/pullmannft with funds shared between the artist and the local charity selected by them. 

The huge exhibition will celebrate growing artists and will emerge as a community destination that will enable individuals to experience the Artist Playground vibes of Pullman properties as well as know about non-fungible tokens and their contribution to the metaverse

Attendees of Digital E/SCAPES will explore the motivation behind the artists’ work as well as details on NFTs world. Co-founder of Web3 Agency Mooning, Lisa Teh, is working with the team at Pullman for the development of Digital E/SCAPES and will train the teams at the hotel about NFTs to enable them to engage in talk regarding the exhibition with exhibition goers and guests. 

Chern’ee Sutton, Brisbane based native artist, will display her first NFT which will represent art from among the oldest living cultures of the world besides the modern day channel of NFTs. Sutton will exhibit next to Candy Ng, Melbourne fine artist, Melissa Vincent, a US based animated artist and Vi Valiukevich, a Belarus based 2D artist and illustrator. The artworks will be featured on LED screens in each hotel’s interactive lobby exhibit. 

Dates for Digital E/SCAPES with Pullman are as follows-

  • November 14, Pullman Sydney Hyde Park (6 weeks)
  • January 9, Pullman Melbourne Albert Park (4 weeks)
  • February 13, Pullman Adelaide (4 weeks)
  • March 27, Pullman Brisbane King George Square (4 weeks)