Convicted Trickster Anna Sorokin Plans to Launch an NFT Collection To Reinstate Her Image


  • Anna Sorokin spoke to Savannah Sellers in a one-to-one interview while she fought being deported
  • The fake heiress announces her plans to sell NFTs to grant holders direct access to her
  • A “Reinventing Anna” NFT project is in the making for the biggest fans of Anna Sorokin

In a quest to reinstate her torn-apart image as a fake heiress, Anna Sorokin is getting herself involved in the NFT space. Sorokin revealed in an interview with Savannah Sellers of NBC News that she intends to drift away from her scammer persona. 

This happened following a mint of a 2,000 item NFT yesterday, which are now made available to purchase for 0.1 ETH at the time of writing this piece. As revealed in the interview, Anna Sorokin is launching these NFTs for her biggest fans and supporters. 

Born in Russia, Anna Sorokin gained some light and attention this year following the Netflix release of a miniseries based on the true story of her exploits. The exploits address the event where she posed as a German heiress while being wooed by a hungry journalist. Sorokin now plans to shift her focus to doing something legal with the help of NFTs.

Still, in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody, Sorokin released a statement from the Orange Country Correctional Facility located in upstate New York that said:

I’m trying to move away from this like, quote-unquote scammer persona.

The “ultra-platinum” NFTs will allow the holders to meet Sorokin in person while they stand a chance to obtain a package of personal items from her.

In her discussion with NBC News’ Savannah Sellers, the infamous socialite revealed that she minted 10 NFTs with perks like personal phone calls for her fans. Adding further to her statement, she said:

This is, like totally, has been pushed upon me by the prosecution and by the following media and by the Netflix show, but I’m trying to move away from that definitely.

Anna Sorokin has already served around four years in prison after being found guilty of defrauding banks and hotels out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The scam occurred following her claim to be a German heiress with an inheritance of $60 million.