World of Women, the only women-centric project in the male-dominated NFT space

What started as a 10K PFP collection and was sold in less than ten hours, has now outgrown into the World of Women Galaxy NFT collection with 22,222 NFTs and is still welcoming people at a lower entry cost.

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the collection has 27 clothes, 17 pairs of earrings, 11 backgrounds, 9 mouths, 28 eye combinations, 14 skin tones, 23 facial features, 15 necklaces, 7 lip colors, 25 hairstyles and 13 face accessories.

The Night Goddess skin tone, Artist Palettes earrings and Art Lover necklace are known as the most popular and rarest traits.

One of the major achievements of the project is the launch of Mother Earth Muse collection, which allowed eight photographers as well as eight women to recreate the first generation avatars. 

Women who created the World of Women

Before the project’s release last year on July 27, merely 5% female artists were a part of NFT art sales. Disappointed with the negligible percentage, four friends joined together to educate and welcome the forthcoming generation of creators, raise general diversity and introduce equal opportunities for all.

These friends are Yam Karkai, BBA, Raphaël Malavieille and Toomaie

World of Women NFT utility

  • Owners of WoW NFTs have 100% ownership and intellectual property along with a 4k x 4k file.
  • Every month, owners have real ArtDrops from certain select artists.
  • Owners are given unique discounts, raffles and annual gala & events.
  • Owners are an integral part of the WoWsphere journey.

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There’s no end to the charities and noble causes the project is a part of; however, some of the major ones include-

  • She’s the First, an organization that works to fund & support education and empowerment of girls in 26 countries is assigned 2.5% of all primary sales.
  • Rockflower Fund, which works to fund the women community leaders and social entrepreneurs on an international level is assigned another 2.5% of primary sales.
  • Too Young to Wed is another cause through which the NFT stands against forced child marriage.
  • 15% of primary sales are used for the World of Women Fund, which aims to showcase the marginalized artists.

The WoW roadmap      

Not only others’ but WoW exceeded its own expectations during the last year. From conducting the first ever Worldwide NFT exhibition to collaborating with Hello Sunshine and appearing at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the women were everywhere.

Moving towards other milestones includes DAO (DAWoW), a stunning website and WoW gala.

A super-active team, World of Women has collaborated with Yuga Labs for the Otherside metaverse project. What else? There’s a deal of $25 million with The Sandbox to encourage female inclusivity via two strong aspects- education and mentorship through WoW university.

Celebrities who celebrate World of Women

The project houses a huge number of celebrities. Not only do they own them but express their fondness with an open heart. Some of these celebrities are Shonda Rhimes, Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The project gave fans the lifetime opportunity of attending the WoW Finally Enough Love party with Madonna. Not only did the party make it to the Nasdaq billboard in New York City but a popup store sold rare Madonna merchandise to the owners of the NFT.

Noteworthy accomplishments

  • Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria and other celebrities displayed WoW on Twitter as their profile pictures.
  • The NFT collection has been featured in LeMonde, CoinDesk and Yahoo Finance.
  • A deal with Universal Music Group and Kendra Jae.
  • Collaboration with Coinbase for NFT platform.
  • Partnership with ThoughtMatter, a New York based design studio to redesign a brand.
  • Partnership with Code Green for the sustainability of Web 3.0 and reduce environmental hazards associated with NFT technology.

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WoW NFT price

Initially, the mint price was 0.07 ETH with a floor price of 18 ETH, which has obviously gone up.

Current Statistics

With total 5526 owners and a floor price of 3.13 ETH, the 7 day volume of the NFT is 119.64 ETH and total volume of 71,571.02 ETH. The 7 day average price is 3.52 ETH.


How much is a WoW NFT?

The current floor price is 3.13 ETH and 7 day volume is 119.64 ETH with a total volume of 71,571.02 ETH.

Is World of Women NFT a good investment?

Investing in NFTs is all about careful research, risk and a lot of luck. Though the NFT collection has done exceptionally well and has a high demand,  saying it is a good or bad investment never has a straightforward answer.

How can I buy the World of Women?

The NFT can be purchased on the OpenSea marketplace. To make the purchase, a cryptocurrency wallet is required. The NFT is available as both, i.e. buy now auction as well as make offer options.