Ilja Visser Launches World’s First Abaya NFTs Collection in Dubai

  • Ilja Visser, a popular fashion artist, launches the world’s first abaya NFT collection.
  • This collection is dedicated towards the Arab world’s deeply rooted history of Abayas.
  • The world’s first abaya NFT collection was released on the Internation Women’s Day in the form of non-fungible tokens.

A really popular fashion designer, named Ilja Visser, has launched a set of NFT collections featuring Abayas on the Internation Women’s Day. This collection is to pay a tribute to Arab’s deep history with the abayas. So if you have ever wished to buy a virtual, collectible abaya, this NFT collection is exclusively for you!

The NFT collection of abayas is also the world’s first and was released in the form of non-fungible tokens in Dubai, UAE.

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Ilja Visser is a Dutch haute couture designer and she collaborated with SkyneNFT company, releasing 50 pieces of the NFT abaya collection. This was a unique and exclusive feat in the global industry and has become a new addition to digital Arab fashion.

The collection is titled “Sculptural Comfort”. It features unique abayas and the theme of NFT is categorized into five – Dutch, Middle East, Signature, Elements of Nature, and Space.

Visser stated at the launch event held in Dubai that when she moved to Dubai a year ago, she was fascinated and inspired by the beauty and elegance of abaya. Nobody wore it in the Netherlands, her homeland. The beauty of abaya that women wore in different vibrant colors motivated her to launch this collection in order to celebrate her admiration for abayas.

She also mentioned that it is an honor for her to create this project with a historical garment and to present it in the digital world.

The main motive of NFT is to allow the users to own original and exclusive items. Hence, every single piece of the NFT abaya collection is exclusive and has been personally signed and designed by Visser. Each abaya in the collection is unique and different from the other.

Buyers can buy the abayas collection at the price of 1.45 Ethereum.

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