Wall Street’s Fearless Girl is the Latest NFT Debutant


  • The prominent statue was unveiled on International Women’s Day in 2017.
  • The sculpture will be launched an NFT in three limited-edition drops.
  • Fearless Girl’s message to the world is gender equality.

Fearless Girl bronze statue’s creator, Kristen Visbal has announced the launch of an NFT collection with the first drop scheduled for May 10. Moreover, the launch will mark the very first virtual rendering of the sculpture, which tends to be a call for gender equality.

Breathing life into her storyboards, Visbal has collaborated with digital art house 9ifx.net. A total of 226 NFTs will be released and will include a single copy of a micro movie combined with the first private placement of a full sized Fearless Girl statue. While the initial drop of the collection will be from Tier two, being auctioned off on OpenSea on May 10, Tier three and one drop will happen sometime later in the same month.

Kristen Visbal said:

Many have asked for a feasible Fearless Girl collectible. NFTs are the solution, offering a little piece of Fearless Girl as moving art! Fearless Girl symbolizes the call for gender equality in the workplace and is seen by millions each day.

She believes that as a statue of a young girl looking up to the sky like she is ready to take on the world with all her courage, the sculpture will push women to carry their own fearless girl with them every single day. Marking its presence in the virtual world, it will lead to the evolution of women empowerment in today’s digital age.

The collection consists of a three-tiered limited edition collectibles drop. As far as Tier One is there, is will combine an NFT short movie along with a full size physical statue of the Fearless Girl statue. Moving on to the Tier Two, it will feature an NFT video displaying a fiery Fearless Girl that will originate from a comet and will be paired with a 22” physical bronze miniature. Last or Tier Three will present seven NFT trading cards with multiple views of Fearless Girl highlighted over a moving background of vivid nebulae.

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