Users can now buy NFTs on OpenSea through MoonPay


  • MoonPay and OpenSea have come together to make NFTs accessible to everyone.
  • OpenSea users can buy Polygon, Ethereum and Solana NFTs using a card.
  • OpenSea is integrating NFT checkout to offer users easy access to NFTs.

The largest and the greatest marketplace, OpenSea, is utilizing NFT checkout to enable its users to have easy access to NFTs. 

The market is known to enable users to purchase, sell, mint and trade a number of non-fungible tokens including music, art, trading cards and digital art. 

Through the NFT checkout integration, users can buy an NFT quite easily via a debit or credit card. This means no need to own a cryptocurrency initially. Not only will the buying process turn easy but OpenSea will open up to a much wider customer base.  

The purchase of Ethereum NFTs was initially introduced by MoonPay on OpenSea. Using debit or credit cards, users can now buy Polygon, Ethereum and Solana NFTs. 

As far as collectors are concerned, they can make the payment directly via popular payment options like Visa, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Mastercard. 

MoonPay aspires to make non-fungible tokens accessible to all. This partnership between MoonPay and  OpenSea is a major step to achieve the goal.