The Sandbox Unites With World of Women To Create Wow Foundation

  • On Tuesday, NFT-based company World of Women announced their collaboration with The Sandbox.
  • The prime reason behind this collaboration is to enlighten women with crypto knowledge.
  • The main object will be achieved through several WoW Academy and WoW University courses.

The gaming platform, The Sandbox and the NFT-based community, World of Women, have decided to form a partnership. This partnership’s sole and primary purpose is a $25 million grant via WoW Foundation to enlighten women with knowledge regarding the crypto world. The purpose will be achieved by offering several courses with options like WoW Academy and WoW University.

The following torch of passing knowledge will be hosed in The Sandbox as they are willing to earn a more prominent female audience.

The Sandbox was established in 2011. It is a blockchain-based virtual universe that allows users to display their NFTs and create NFTs. They have experienced rapid growth, with more than 500,000 users in November 2021. The partnership of five years will enlighten people with the knowledge of how platforms and brands can engage with NFT projects.

As per the announcement that was made, the partnership between WoW and The Sandbox will mainly focus on four pillars:

  • Enlightening the newcomers on Web 3
  • Giving away their profits to charities
  • Encouraging the metaverse ecosystem by providing support to the artists and communicating to provide better viability to the women

The board member at The Sandbox, Mathieu Nouzareth, said that it’s only natural for people to take their time to get into web3. SO they are willing to onboard as many individuals as they can. They also want to see how this experiment of passing the torch would work so they can work on further improvements.

This partnership aims to provide opportunities for business development and support the NFT creators in learning about the metaverse, NFT creation, auctions, and web3. Sandbox is also going to launch WoW avatars.

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