Boss Beauties Lisa Mayer on NFTs, Empowering Girls & Women


  • Celebrities ranging from Paris Hilton to Eminem are purchasing and selling non-fungible tokens, fueling increased interest in the realm of NFTs.
  • Lisa Mayer, the creator and CEO of Boss Beauties, stated that she is using her company, which sells NFTs, to empower young women.

Boss Beauties provides various mentorship programs and grants for young women and has just introduced an NFT collection including various digital pictures of notable women such as Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Maya Angelou. The company’s inaugural NFT collection, which included photographs of several women, was also shown at the New York Stock Exchange.

NFTs are notoriously difficult to understand—Saturday Night Live even made fun of them—but Mayer believes they offer an answer to the conundrum, “How can we own something that we can’t actually physically grasp in our hands?”

According to Mayer, the inspiration for Boss Beauties’ debut NFT collection is the concept that “a woman may be whatever she wishes.”

“As women, we sometimes feel as if we have to be one thing or that we are characterized by one thing, right? I’m an entrepreneur, but I’m also so much more. I’m a parent, and when I started Boss Beauties, my infant was just three months old.”

Twitter is an important aspect of Boss Beauties’ marketing strategy for its NFT lines. “We also utilize Instagram and other channels,” Mayer added, “but Twitter is one of the key sites that producers are using in the web3 and NFT sector.”

While Mayer stated that Boss Beauties is not currently monetizing social media, the company does generate money via selling products and clothes, as well as through its NFT collections.

“We truly want to develop a worldwide brand,” Mayer added. “Right now, we have NFTs clothes and stuff, but we’ll be expanding into other product categories and building out new pieces of our brand that will help develop and fuel our brand and our company in the future.”

Mayer would not disclose whether Boss Beauties is looking for venture capital investment.

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