Dolphin Entertainment Partners With Flower Girls Ethereum NFTs

  • Dolphin Entertainment, a children’s film and TV company, is to partner with Flower Girls.
  • They will be producing several books, music, games, television series, and merchandise via inspiration from the NFT collection.
  • Flower Girls is designed by a female artist called Varvara Alay, and it boasts Eva Longoria, Gary Vaynerchuck and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Dolphin Entertainment is a company that produces children’s films and television shows. They have decided to partner with The Flower Girls Ethereum NFTs in order to produce several games, music, books, merchandise and television series, both unscripted and scripted. The NFT collection will mostly inspire them.

NFTs can be found on several blockchains, including Ethereum. They are rare & unique cryptographic tokens representing ownership of an asset. As for the Flower Girls, which is crafted by a female artist called Varvara Alay, every single NFT represents ownership of a portrait of a young woman.

Alay has stated that the history of Dolphin regarding their work with children’s support towards children’s charities worldwide is a mission that perfectly aligns with their mission.

Dolphin has worked for and produced several children’s movies, such as Justin Bieber’s film called ‘Believe’ (2013) and famous Nickelodeon shows like “Ned’sDeclassified School Survival Guide” and “Zoey 101.”

Flower Girls’ current minimum buy-in price is around 0.56 Ethereum, which is $1,484. The Flower Girls donate almost 20% of their profit to the charities organized for children. As of now, they have already donated over $400,000. Apart from that, they are also donating another 5% of their profits to support NFT collections designed and created by young children.

Many celebrities have disclosed that they are among the holders of the project. Some of them are Eva Longoria, America Ferrara, Brie Larson, Reese Witherspoon, Rapper Snoop Dogg, etc. These are only some of the many names.

However, Dolphins is not the first company to partner with the NFT collection to create animated content. Another company called Hello Sunshine, which belongs to Reese Witherspoon, announced that they would partner with Worl of Women to produce a TV series based on the NFT collection.

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