Meet Pudgy Penguins, an NFT collection with a powerful comeback

Pudgy Penguins are a creation of creators, thinkers, builders, and operators. Launched on July 22, 2021, the collection was priced at 0.03 ETH each and was sold in just 20 minutes. 

The collection was launched with a goal of establishing it as a Web3 brand. Thanks to its creative and advanced community, Pudgy Penguins has become an elite NFT project in 2022. 

What is Pudgy Penguins NFT?

The project is a collection of 8,888 cute, tiny, colorful, and chubby penguins based on the Ethereum blockchain. What makes these penguins different from other collections are traits that range from caps to basketball hats, helmets, and various other features. 

Recently, the collection took over the NFT world when despite the bearish market, Pudgy Penguins rare NFT sold for 400 ETH

Alexis Ohanian also bought a Penguin and posted about it on Twitter, which helped the project further.

New York Times has also covered the project’s story, followed by Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, and CNBC featuring the collection. 

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Pudgy Penguins Utility

Owners of Genesis Pudgy Penguins have enjoyed benefits like event access, NFT airdrops, and merchandise. Each owner was allowed to claim both a Lil Pudgys NFT and a Pudgy Rod. Also, a few owners joined the F1 Yacht Party in Miami. 

Pudgy Penguins Roadmap

Ever since the community released a mysterious Antarctic map, speculations have made their way. A number of people think that the map resembles a metaverse in the making.

Moving further, the team will keep its education platform active to connect with projects as well as people not only inside the NFT world but beyond it.

Pudgy Penguins & controversy

Pudgy Penguins gained attention and praise immediately after launch; however, the hype fizzled when the community voted out the founders in January 2022.   

Cole Thereum, the founder, initially promised a token, a game, an NFTs-based educational book, and more but fulfilled none. However, what he eventually did was empty the treasury of funds. Later it was found that he was a part of various scams, which dropped the floor prices. 

@9x9x9, an NFT owner of about several Penguins shared on Twitter that he was offered IP rights for 888 ETH. Things turned even ugly as NFT owners weren’t notified about anything.

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The comeback 

After the controversy, people lost hope from the project; however, things got better when Luca Schnetzler purchased the collection at a price of 750 ETH. 

Schnetzler announced his fondness for the artwork and the idea on which Pudgy Penguins is based, which convinced him to purchase it.  

The new team shared their plan of turning Pudgy Penguins into a Web3 brand through events, merchandise, and new experiences, which shot up the floor prices.

Pudgy toys

Pudgy Penguins announced the release of Pudgy Toys that are physical stuffed toy merchandise designed by PMI.

Owners will share the IP license to receive a stuffed toy of their NFT. Luca gave the first reveal himself, which caused a significant interest in the collection among the NFT enthusiasts.


The project seems to have a bright future with the possibility of competing with MAYC, CryptoPunks, BAYC, and Moonbirds

The NFT could be a profitable asset as the team has announced that it will increase the royalties from 3% to 5%. 

The team behind Pudgy Penguins belongs to reputed companies like Nansen, Meta, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Furthermore, the project has its own NFT trading platform, Pudgy Marketplace, and its own token, $penguPins.  


How much are Pudgy Penguins worth?

The current floor price is 3.15 ETH with a 7-day average price of 4.68 ETH.

What are Pudgy Penguins?

They are a collection of 8,888 NFTs that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. 

How do I get the Pudgy Penguins

Firstly, you must fund your wallet with a cryptocurrency, after which you need to search the NFT on OpenSea. Transfer the cryptocurrency to a Web3-based wallet, and that’s how you can get the Pudgy Penguins NFT.

How does Pudgy Penguins work?

ERC20-compliant tokens are a prerequisite to creating a Pudgy Penguin. After having the tokens, a unique NFT creation tool is used to make an NFT that displays ownership of the tokens. After this, the Penguin is stored on the blockchain in a trustworthy wallet to allow anyone with the required permissions to access it.