Pudgy Penguins enable subcommunity token issuance via Pudgy soulTransport


  • On the event of its first anniversary, Pudgy Penguines launch its first-ever SBT.
  • The NFT collection also introduced PenguPins its second soulbound token.
  • SoulTransport will allow groups and individuals to award SBTs and reward participation for expanding the Pudgy Ecosystem.

Pudgy recently tweeted that they allow users to deploy their SBT and create new applications to explore their role in digital identity theory. Additionally, they reward their users and draw in new ones; soultransport enables the distribution of SBTs. 

According to them, their first-ever SBT launched on their first anniversary and was named truePengu. TruePengu is one of the earliest Web3 use cases for SBT, and it also signaled the start of implications for digital identity. 

The Pudgy Penguins have been around for twelve months now. Their users have been there from the beginning and shaped this community.

In their tweet, they thank their users who supported them in staying put by bundling up, locking slippers, and planting their feet firmly on the earth. They mentioned that users were persistent and did not budge. 

According to them, the future has been bright for the Pudgy Penguins; nevertheless, they have only recently realized their full potential as a group of users and a company. They soon launched their new project. Furthermore, they wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to thank their users by sending gifts for everything. 

Moreover, if a user is receiving a token today, they probably believe in the future of Pudgy Penguins and Web3. One year will seem like a blip in our penguins’ long future.

With the help of this token, they can preserve the identity of their real penguins, mark our pedigree in Web3 history, and exist forever in your blockchain wallet. The Huddle does not follow others, as it seems. 

The team also added, “Let this symbol serve as our vow never to forget the initial few thousand penguins that held this community up when things looked bleak.” Their users’ status as a truePengu is permanently recorded on the blockchain.

Additionally, soulTransport will initially be available to a limited number of people and clubs, but as Pudgy Penguins evaluates use cases, it will be made available to everyone.