A detailed study of CyberKongz NFTs – One of the first PFP NFT projects

The CyberKongz NFT is one of the most successful and popular projects in the NFT world. The collection has randomly generated apes that have performed brilliantly throughout. At a time when PFP projects were way too rare, these NFTs gained fame for suitability as profile pictures on social channels.

CyberKongz transformed into a community-centric project with time. Excited about the success and smooth performance, the team launched two more NFT collections– CyberKongz VX, which is 15,000 in number, and Baby CyberKongz, which is 4,000 in number. Among these, owners of the 3D CyberKongz VX collection can utilize their NFTs on a number of metaverses.

At their peak, the NFTs had 215 ETH as the average selling price. 

In January this year, CyberKongz’s 7-day sales volume was $19.3 million. According to the data, the project has been on the list of top 20 NFT collections in all-time sales volume with over $172 million.

A brief history

Initially, 989 Genesis Kongz were minted and sold for 0.01 ETH each. 10 were kept for an upcoming auction and changed to ‘Legendary’ status, while 1 was chosen as a mascot.  

After a few months, a few Genesis CyberKongz NFTs were sold for a hundred thousand dollars. Funds generated through the sales were donated to a national park.

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CyberKongz NFT Utility

CyberKongz’s utility token is $BANANA. For 10 years, owners of genesis CyberKongz will get 10 $BANANA tokens as a reward for standing by the project since the beginning. The tokens can be exchanged for breeding Baby CyberKongz, money, or can be burned to add rare characteristics to the CyberKongz.

Upon spending a few $BANANA tokens, CyberKongz NFT owners have the freedom to rename their NFTs. Besides this, they have complete commercial rights to their own 2D and 3D versions of the NFT. Furthermore, they have access to a Discord channel dedicated to the holders. 

Advanced tokenomics have been designed in the CyberKongz ecosystem to benefit the NFT holders. 

The roadmap

The team has achieved a number of milestones. For instance, it has created playable metaverse versions, including owning land in The Sandbox and making 3D printable OBJ files.

The community has Neo Kong City, a 12×12 estate beside a huge 24×24 plot for the establishment of Kongz Island.

A Sandbox Game auction also took place for ‘The Shrine of Truth,’ a large monument that was to be renamed “The Shrine of Kongz.”

Then there are some ongoing projects like Kongz Tank and Play and Kollect. The former is an NFT version of Shark Tank, while the latter is a blockchain game that allows players to earn a number of in-game rewards. Players use CyberKongz VX to redeem prizes like NFTs and $BANANA.

In July 2021, CyberKongs collaborated with Metakey, a utility-based project offering owners exclusive perks in the metaverse. 

Coming to the merchandise of CyberKongz project, it can be availed at Uniqly. 

Moving on, CyberKongz has collaborated with Chuck Liddell, the UFC legendary star. 

Last but not least, the team is also involved in partnerships with Worldwide Webb, The Sandbox, and Solarbots.

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Latest feeds

According to CyberKongz’s latest tweet, the project is all set to enter into the metaverse.

The project has collaborated with @NiftyLeague recently.


What is CyberKongz NFT?

They are randomly generated 2D/3D avatars which appear from normal to cool, odd and familiar. Every CyberKongz NFT is one-of-a-kind.

How much is a CyberKongz NFT?

The current floor price of a CyberKongz NFT is 24 ETH with a 7 day average price of 17.42 ETH.

Does CyberKongz make money?

$BANANA can be earned by owning a Genesis CyberKongz, which will produce each day a total of 10 $BANANA for 10 years which equals to 3,650,000 $BANANA in total.

How can I buy CyberKongz NFT?

1. Transfer the required cryptocurrency into your wallet to pay the fees and cover the NFTs cost. 
2. Go on OpenSea and find the CyberKongz you want to buy. 
3. Transfer the cryptocurrency to the web3 wallet like MetaMask. 
4. Make the purchase by clicking ‘Buy Now.’