Chimpers NFT, an art & lore-themed project with a promising future

Very rarely do we come across NFT projects that grab eyeballs on social media in a jiffy. The Chimpers NFT collection is one such project. From a thrilling story to an appreciable artist, from captivating art to an undisclosed yet exciting roadmap, the project is a 10/10 in every aspect. 

What adds even more is the team’s goal of creating a metaverse and offering multiple opportunities to earn rewards and surprises. 

What is Chimpers NFT? 

Built on Ethereum, Chimpers NFTs is a community-driven project based on PFP. There are 5555 rare characters, with each of them showcasing a different kind of Chimper.  

The idea to create the idea started in July 2021 and developed into an adventurous Web3 story. The NFT collection is full of lore, art, and various metaverse initiatives.

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The artist behind the Chimpers

Timpers, a popular graphic designer, YouTuber, and NFT collector, is the creator of the NFT collection. 

He has worked on a multitude of projects before finding his true love, pixelated art. Not only has he worked with KOLLECTIVE, RTFKT, and NOUNS DAO, but his art has also made it big on BAYC x Rolling Stone magazine. 

How did the Chimpers NFTs originate?

According to the Chimpers NFTs website, scientific experiments led to the existence of the Chimpers. 

To gain control, Chimpers battled with humans for decades. Finally, they succeeded in getting back their land; thus, kicking out humans. 

Before losing, humans were to damage the evidence of Chimpers creation. Hence, they released the DNA of Chimpers in space with the hope that the creation won’t be known ever. 

As they say, destiny has its own plan, Chimpers scattered throughout the galaxy with time, which led to the beginning of a new age for the Chimpers. 

The Chimpers Genesis NFTs 

They are a collection of 1/1 hand-drawn characters. There are a total of 100 characters, and each character has a unique name along with a backstory that binds together a vast world- The Chimpverse. The characters are linked to an NFT known as Diamond Fleece.

The roadmap

The project has a mysterious roadmap since the team believes in surprising the collectors by promising less and delivering more. Not only does this sound refreshing, but it also shows how the team differs from other projects that speak more and do less.   

This habit of maintaining suspense is what keeps the interest of users intact.

Public sale 

Chimpers NFTs were launched publicly on May 20, 2022. Owners of the quest to fleece NFT ebooks and Chimpers genesis collection got a whitelist spot for minting the NFT collection. As far as the whitelist spots that were left, they were distributed in the public raffle.

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The rarity criteria

The rarity of the Chimpers NFT depends on the trait and category of the Chimper. The 5555 Chimpers are divided into three types, from legendary to common, based on traits such as outfit, eyes, eyewear, background, head, mouth, back, and face.

The mint price

Everyone on Chimplist could mint the Chimpers NFT. Those who didn’t have previous assets belonging to the bored ape chronicles collection could participate in raffle and giveaway competitions by following Twitter and Discord. The mint price was set at 0.07 ETH on May 20, 2021.

The floor price 

Right after the launch, Chimpers NFT collection was sold out, which obviously confirms high demand. As a result, the floor price rose to 5 ETH. However, bad market conditions impacted the sales, and the floor price fell to 1.89 ETH only to get back on track once again. The sales have paced up again. On May 30, the floor price was 2.8 Eth.

The price prediction

The project has everything to achieve success in the long run. The Bored Ape Chronicles is a brilliantly structured project with a focus on the future, along with a dedicated team giving its best to take the project to new heights. 

Excitement among the people has increased further ever since Chimpers NFT series 2 announcement has been made. With all this under consideration, the NFTs look like a smart and rewarding investment and their value has strong possibilities of shooting up. 


There’s no need for a second thought when it comes to believing that Chimpers NFT is an integral part of the bored ape chronicles. Stepping into the Chimpverse will take the owners close towards ample opportunities for exploring as well as winning rewards. 

As the team has always lived up to its promises, investors have the utmost faith in the project.


What is Chimpers NFT?

It is a community driven project of 5555 one-of-a-kind digital characters wherein each character represents a different type of Chimper.

How much is a Chimpers NFT now?

Chimpers current floor price is $2,093.31 and 24 hour sales volume is 7.97 ETH. 

What is the mint price of Chimpers?

Initially, the mint price was fixed at 0.07ETH.