Binance NFT is launching the Alan Walker Origins NFT Collection


  • Binance NFT reveals the launch of the Coritecom Alan Walker Origins NFT Collection.
  • The Alan Walker Origins NFT Collection will feature three music videos with high production value.
  • The length of each video would be eight seconds and will be priced at 10 BUSD.

In a recent announcement made on the official Twitter handle of Binance NFT, the marketplace revealed that they are launching an Alan Walker Origins NFT Collection. The launch of the NFT Collection is set to be followed by the BNB Prerequisite as a segment of the Subscription Mechanism. 

As revealed, each of the Alan Walker Origins NFT is going to be an eight-second music video segment obtained from the three upcoming videos by the artist. The videos will also include the corresponding audio from the respective track. 

Talking about the pricing, the users will be able to purchase the NFT for 10 BUSD. However, if you are interested, then you must note that only ten unique Alan Walker Origins NFTs will be live for sale on the Binance NFT marketplace. 

Discussing more about the NFT Collection, it will be featuring special gamification where NFT collectors and Alan Walker fans can take part in an online Alan Walker Origins NFT scavenger hunt. Here, they will be collecting different NFT music video segments from the collection to put together the full music videos. 

What could be a better way to get a share of the revenue generated from the music video streaming on YouTube via a payout from Corite. 

It should be noted that the official rights to hold an NFT associated with the Alan Walker Origins are determined and provided by the artist himself. Also, it involves any applicable revenue sharing to be paid via Corte. 

Another thing to lay emphasis on is the Subscription Mechanism Timeline and the details linked to it. You must visit the official Support and Announcement page of Binance to learn more about the various phases in order to purchase the Alan Walker NFT.