“Rhythm City” Roblox Metaverse by Warner Music is now out


  • A new activation in the Roblox metaverse that blends music and games is being developed by Gamefam and Warner Music Group.
  • The biggest network of games on Roblox is called Gamefam.
  • WMG hopes to get followers by exploiting Gamefam’s knowledge and substantial Roblox user base.

Gamefam and Warner Music Group (WMG), a record label and international entertainment firm, are working together to launch a new activation in the Roblox metaverse that combines music and gaming.

“Rhythm City” will combine gaming and music in a 3D experience and provide users with a social role-playing environment focused on music, complete with miniature musical challenges and virtual performances. It fits into WMG’s larger plan to develop fresh Web3 engagement opportunities for artists and fans.

With over 25 million daily game sessions and more than 115 million hours of user engagement per month, Gamefam is the largest network of games on Roblox. WMG wants to attract fans by utilizing Gamefam’s expertise and large user base on Roblox.

Gamefam’s founder and CEO, Joe Ferencz, emphasized the company’s excitement about blending its love of music with its passion for producing authentic metaverse experiences. The two companies would work together to create “a new community for music aficionados” on Roblox, he stated.

According to Oana Ruxandra, Chief Digital Officer and Executive Vice President of Business Development at WMG, the organization seeks to foster innovative experiences within “changing ecosystems.” It was also mentioned that Rhythm City would act as a hub for artists and fans to connect and create brand-new online communities.

As part of its ongoing effort to collaborate with companies in the metaverse, Warner Music Group has signed a contract with DressX, a company that develops digital fashion wearables both on and off the blockchain and was first revealed last year.

Warner Music artists will be able to produce and license digital wearables and goods for fans thanks to the partnership. According to a release, the goods would be wearable 3D avatars or virtual clothes that can be seen in augmented reality (AR) on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

WMG has recently been active on Roblox. Several musicians, including David Guetta, Twenty-One Pilots, Ava Max, Royal Blood, and Why Don’t We, have been included in the blockchain-based game platform.