Jason Terrell announces partnership with Zeptagram


  • Jason Terrell is excited to collaborate with Zeptagram.
  • It has Musical NFT and Visual NFT with songs, “Losing it” and “Somewhere in between.”
  • Jason Terrell is a budding artist from Los Angeles.

Jason Terrell, an upcoming musician, has partnered up with Zeptagram to present his Musical NFT and Visual NFT, which contain his great tune “Losing It” off his first EP, “Somewhere In-Between.” This is a fresh and exciting stage in Terrell’s work, enabling followers and enthusiasts to purchase a portion of his songs and paintings through the Zeptagram global market.

The Musical NFT is a virtual collectible that indicates the copyright of the song “Losing It” and the publication rights connected with it. The Art NFT, on the other hand, is an electronic collectible that reflects possession of the artist’s unique artwork creation. These NFTs are one-of-a-kind, giving fans and buyers unparalleled access to and possession of the artist’s work.

Jason is ecstatic that his music and artwork NFT will be available on Zeptagram. He believes that this is the music of the future and is thrilled to be a part of it with Zeptagram. This is an exciting chance for fans and enthusiasts to own a piece of my music and artwork while also being a part of my growth as an artist through Zeptagram. The Music NFT and Art NFT will be sold on the Zeptagram online marketplace website.

Jason Terrell is a Los Angeles-based rising artist. He has been composing music for some years and has a strong desire to create music that touches people in a strong emotional way. He is also an artist who makes his own art and pursues his desire for it.

Zeptagram is a music company and production firm that focuses on assisting young musicians in achieving success in the music business. It offers its musicians a variety of services, including production, promotion, and distribution, through a team of competent specialists.