Go Gala musician Amir Sulaiman nominated for Grammy Awards


  • Gala Games congratulates Amir Sulaiman on his Grammy nomination via Twitter.
  • It will happen on their network and use GALA for gas.
  • Gala Music is profoundly changing the music business.

Gala Games congratulates Amir Sulaiman on Twitter for the nomination for Grammy. Amir Sulaiman is a Go Gala Music Artist. Benefactor has informed that it will happen on their blockchain and it will be burning $GALA for gas. 

Gala Music is continuously altering the music industry. They’re building a decentralised universe and encouraging pioneering musicians and their followers from each and every genre to join them.

Gala now has three subsidiaries: Gala Games, Gala Music, and the forthcoming Gala Film.

Musicians have intellectual autonomy and the power to mint, release, and share music however they see fit on the network. Famous musicians and budding talents are supported by established performers. Users gather music NFTs, listen to them to win them, and partake in the achievements of their favourite performers through money and prizes.

Users are fueling the system and actively supporting artists by obtaining a licence to run a Gala Music Node. Nodes are their keys to a fresh musical world. Unlock exclusive NFTs, get incentives. In contrast to labels and online streaming, Gala Work gives its artists entire ownership and responsibility of their music, as well as financial compensation via NFT releases and streaming. Gala’s reputation is rapidly growing as a result of these incentives.

Gala Games is a network-based play-to-earn gaming creation platform. It is based on Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain. It is a system that allows game creators to concentrate on the quality of the game.In addition, it assures that producers are lucrative and that gamers have control. They think that the network should be completely undetectable in games. They employ basic gaming principles that all participants, whether blockchain experts or not, may enjoy.