Spotify is testing playlists for NFT holders to access


  • Spotify has laid off many employees and put many initiatives on hold.
  • Exclusively for holders of privileged cards, Kingship has made a restricted playlist available.
  • To verify the NFT, the organization published a set of instructions.

For NFT-based groups, such as a metaverse band, Kingship signed to Universal Music Group, Spotify is teasing token-gated playlists. Following the pilot, Kingship has made a restricted playlist available exclusively to privileged cardholders.

In a tweet, Kingship stated they work hard to be on the cutting edge of music and technology. Moreover, they have launched an exclusive Spotify playlist with token-enabled content.

The organization published a set of instructions on how to verify the NFT. This will enable you to unlock the playlist and is only accessible to Android users in the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Germany.

Apple restricted NFT functionality last October. Other groups like Overlord, Kevin Rose’s Moonbirds, and Fluf create playlists for token holders. Spotify approved this pilot without further information. This is only one of several platform tests, according to TechCrunch.

Spotify is testing NFT-gated playlists as a way to enhance the user experience. The pilot follows a test with an AI-powered DJ who selects music for customers and comes right before Spotify’s Stream On event on March 8. Spotify has experience with NFTs; it tested a profile feature in May 2022 and posted job postings for web3-related positions in the previous year’s engineering and marketing divisions.

Yet things have changed in terms of the world economy since then. Several businesses, including Spotify, have laid off many employees. In addition, cryptocurrency marketplaces need help. Despite all of this, many companies have ceased discussing their Web3 aspirations.

According to this experiment, Spotify can offer token-gated tracks, albums, or podcasts. They may go into more detail during the company’s future events.