Warner Music collaborates with OpenSea to introduce its artists to Web 3.0


  • Warner Music Group partners with OpenSea to expand its artists’ opportunities in Web 3.0.
  • The collaboration will give selected WMG artists early access to OpenSea’s newly rolled out feature
  • Now artists can launch their own NFT collections and exclusive projects on their drop pages.

The biggest music and entertainment company, Warner Music Group announced its partnership with leading NFT marketplace OpenSea on September 29th, 2022.

The mega-record label firm that sponsors renowned artists like Dua Lips, Carbi B, Madonna, Ed Shreen, and other big stars envisions expanding their artists’ reach in the Web 3.0 space.

The collaboration between the two biggest brands will allow selected WMG artists early access to newly launched OpenSea features, products, and services for their NFT projects.

WMG artists will also receive special assistance from the OpenSea team on their onboarding and expansion into Web 3.0. The OpenSea team will also assist artists in targeting their fans and building fan communities.

OpenSea has recently launched its new feature that will allow creators to launch their NFT collections and premium projects on their customizable drop pages. This feature will enable artists to create their own music NFT projects on the platform and attract their fans.

Warner’s Chief Digital Office Oana Ruxandra said,

Our collaboration with OpenSea helps to facilitate these [fan] communities by unlocking Web3 tools and resources to build opportunities for artists to establish deeper engagement, access, and ownership, 

Shiva Rajaraman, OpenSea’s vice president of product, said,

For artists and musicians, NFTs represent a new creative medium and a mechanism to build community, engage directly with fans, and express themselves across borders and languages.

The first NFT collection from this partnership will be released in collaboration with the famous celebrity chef Jeremy Fall’s web3 startup, Probably Nothing.

Fall will be releasing NFT Label Passes for Probably A Label, the Web3 record label he launched last month with Warner Records.

The NFT Label Passes will allow its owners to license songs from the community music library, create and own stakes as well as attend exclusive meets-and-greets and events with popular personalities in the music industry. It will also give access to Probably A Label’s upcoming music drops.

Earlier Warner Music Group also collaborated with Spinterlands to develop play-to-earn arcade blockchain games.