LimeWire back as NFT Marketplace, with Travis Barker Collection


  • The once-go-to site for downloading unlicensed music, Limewire, is officially back as an NFT marketplace.
  • Paul and Julian Zehetmayr, two Austrian brothers, purchased the company’s rights to transform it into a marketplace for non-fungible tokens associated with music.
  • Travis Barker was one of the first artists to offer digital artifacts on the website when it was reactivated.

LimeWire is back with a new look. Today, the formerly peer-to-peer file-sharing website that was once the center of unlicensed music has relaunched as an NFT marketplace, with Travis Barker among the first artists to distribute digital artifacts on the site.

After Austrian brothers Paul and Julian Zehetmayr bought the company’s rights to convert it into a marketplace for non-fungible tokens tied to music, LimeWire’s impending return was initially revealed in March. 

Original songs, film snippets, and even content from live events like backstage passes are all included in its first batch of collections. Music lovers can purchase original NFT collections from artists like Brandy, Nicky Jam, Aitch, and Dillon Francis “in the same way they would collect a rare artwork or buy a limited edition vinyl of a song,” according to Barker.

LimeWire is just the most recent NFT marketplace for music to appear in recent times, but unlike the unsuccessful HitPiece, LimeWire does have some support from the music industry.

According to a press release from Zehetmayrs, there is a big market for platforms that reward and value artists for their talent and give them control over their careers. And because of this, LimeWire offers a brand-new business opportunity for musicians of all genres and sizes to interact with their fans, increase their exposure in exciting ways, and keep more of their earnings.

He also said that he is very excited for him to release his first NFT collection on LimeWire because he has always been interested in Web3 and NFTs. He hopes that the NFT collection will inspire young artists and fans interested in learning about his creative process and musical style.

Visit LimeWire’s website right away to browse all the digital collections. Barker, who recently left the hospital after suffering from pancreatitis, joins artists like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Grimes, Ozzy Osbourne, Interpol, and GWAR in supporting the NFT movement.