Gala joins Universal Games and Digital Platforms for the launch of 8,888 Trolls VOX


  • Gala Games has partnered with Universal Games and Digital Platforms regarding the launch of DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls VOX.
  • 8,888 one-of-a-kind DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls VOX will be launched.
  • The partnership has been announced for more than a year.

Gala has announced its partnership with Universal Games and Digital Platforms regarding the forthcoming launch of a range of digital collectibles, DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls VOX. These collectibles are based on characters from the superhit movies. 

DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls VOX is Gala’s fourth VOX release that can be bought on Coinbase on October 14.

VOX refers to collectible, unique NFTs that are animated, 3-dimensional and possess future utility. No two VOX are similar since each of them is programmatically generated and is completely unique. Each VOX has several pathways in terms of future rewards for holders which includes expected playability in the future metaverse, VOXverse metaverse, which is currently being designed and has been created by Will Wright and Gallium Studios.

8,888 rare DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls VOX will be launched along with the ones that are inspired by Guy Diamond, Poppy, Branch and various other dynamic characters. 

Fans of VOX and Gala can buy a mystery VOX Box, which will be revealed to the owner upon being exchanged. Each VOX will have an exclusive 1 out of 3 VOX in the collection known as the Yarn Snake. 

Chief Strategy Officer, Gala, James Olden, said that an incredible IP like DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls will amaze the community as well as motivate new audiences to have a close look at what the future of entertainment looks like. 

SVP of Production, Universal Games and Digital Platforms, Jim Molinets, said that the DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls VOX will take forward their aim of growing the DreamWorks Animation Trolls franchise consistently in new as well as exciting ways that will give fans convincing possibilities to interact with the characters they adore. VOX Trolls will turn into digital collectibles that will offer fans valuable rewards with time.