Gala Games & Unity Join Forces To Build Voxverse Metaverse


  • Gala Games has planned to launch VOX Souls at the end of this month.
  • VOX Souls will determine players’ characters in VOXVerse.
  • Gala Games has collaborated with The Sims designer Will Wright to design VOXVerse.

Gala Games has teamed up with Unity Technologies in a $20 million professional services deal. According to the deal, Unity will deploy its development and real-time 3D platform expertise for VOXverse, the metaverse of the VOX Collectible Series.

Vox shared an official announcement through a tweet:

Gala is a Web3 gaming and entertainment company that focuses on publishing various games funded through the sales of non-fungible tokens and its GALA token.

For the project, Gala has roped in Will Wright, designer of The Sims, to create a unique VOX world powered by NFT memory featuring characters that grow and evolve. To create a deeply social metaverse, the Unity team will join Gala’s internal team behind Mirandus and Gallium, the studio of Will Wright.

Ryan Peterson, Vice President of accelerating solutions at Unity, in a statement, said:

Our team is adept at collaborating with partners to identify their key challenges and help them craft elegant, effective solutions that span AR, VR, robotics and mixed reality environments. We’re proud to have the chance to help Gala advance Will’s vision for a new, interactive style of gameplay.

Each avatar in VOXVerse has one-of-a-kind personality traits and encounters that dynamically change over time due to its in-game experiences. Players will have NFT avatars carrying memories and characteristics from all their gaming experiences into a single cohesive digital experience.

Players can do everything from building social influence to competing in groups, participating in world-building, exploring different terrains & portals, to owning land in various dimensions.

VOX Idle, a text-based game, will be playable on VOX’s discord in July. According to Gala, the game will become even more complex with time and lead to other experiences within the VOXverse.

Gala Games has the tremendous support of over 1.3 million players. According to Jason Brink, President of the Gala at Gala, 28 games are currently under development. 

In a statement, he said:

We gave a little peek behind the curtain on VoxVerse. There’s some cool stuff coming that we’ve done with Vox recently.