Burn Ghost raises $3.1 million for a gaming platform that rewards players with NFTs


  • A casual games-focused startup recently raised $3 million in funding.
  • The seed round was co-led by Bitkraft Ventures and DraftKings, the platforms founded by game industry veterans.
  • Burn Ghost will be focusing on simple, approachable casual games that are equipped with a skill component to them.

In a recent revelation, it has come to the surface that Burn Ghost, a startup concentrated on casual games and known for rewarding NFT prizes to players, has managed to raise $3.1 million in funding. The funding round was led by DraftKings and Bitkraft Ventures, which was founded by veterans in the gaming industry. 

Given the fact that NFTs have taken hold, a surging number of games are utilizing crypto assets for correlative in-game items, as well as tokenized economies. However, a new startup is taking a varying route in the space, a casual gaming space in which NFTs are the rewards. 

The funding is raised in order to realize their vision. As revealed by the gaming company, Burn Ghost is focusing on simple, approachable casual games instead of developing complex and robust games built around NFTs. 

Steve Curran, the CEO, and Co-Founder, released a statement that revealed that trivia experiences are going to be among the first original games on the web-based platform. He added to his statement and said that they feel like they have managed o crack the code on making it reachable to anybody. Thus, it’s not just the Ken Jennings of the world that are going to play and be good at it. 

The games by Burn Ghost will be rewarding top finishers with NFTs, involving some that the firm has obtained as well as those sourced via partnerships with NFT creators. Players will be paying an entry charge to play the games that reward NFT prizes. Although, gamers can also earn credits by playing other games that are completely free to play.

As for the entry fees, they will initially be paid through cryptocurrencies. However, the platform will grow to accept fiat payments as well. In addition to this, Burn Ghost might charge placement fees for projects that intend to put their NFTs in front of players. Moreover, it has been revealed that the platform potentially serves as a marketing outlet for creators seeking to tap a broader audience.