Sold in Minutes- Fistiana’s Genesis Boxer NFT Sales is a Hit


  • Fistiana’s genesis NFT sale was set to take place on May 25 at 13:00 UTC.
  • The sale turned out to be a massive success.
  • The NFTs got sold within a few minutes.

Fistiana, a sport that strives to become an immersive gaming experience in the coming time has got some really amazing news. Its genesis boxer NFTs in the mystery boxes has attracted huge success. Put for sale on Binance NFT marketplace yesterday, the NFTs got sold with minutes.

The amazing news was shared by Fistiana through a Twitter post:

XCarnival congratulated Fistiana for the great success:

An NFT mystery box contains a random NFT from a particular NFT collection. SuperRare NFT sells for thousands or millions of dollars; whereas, a common NFT is something fellow mystery box owners also have in their collection. The boxes can be purchased from NFT marketplace like the Binance NFT Marketplace. Sounds unbelievable but buyers don’t step away from paying a fixed price without even knowing the content until they open the box.

Amidst the boom of the NFT market in early 2011, the mystery box buzz has emerged into the cryptocurrency space. A number of companies issue limited-edition mystery boxes that contain NFTs of different rarity levels to surprise buyers.

Earlier, Binance posted about the potential of mystery boxes on its Twitter account: