Binance’s AI-backed NFT generator Bicasso mints 10,000 NFTs in 2.5 hours


  • Bicasso’s initial pilot has completed 10,000 NFT mint in 2.5 hours of being launched.
  • The AI-powered generator converted user-submitted profile pictures into a work of digital art in the limited beta.
  • Users can mint images in the form of NFTs on the BNB chain of Binance.

On March 1, Binance released Bicasso, its AI-backed NFT generator, to produce digital art to the fullest of its potential. Within only 2.5 hours of its launch, the NFT generator reached a cap of 10,000 NFT mints. 

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, told users via a tweet that they could convert their creative ideas into non-fungible tokens with the help of AI. 

The system is a tool based on artificial intelligence and is similar to DALL-E, an AI-art platform. Users upload an image, like a profile picture, to allow the AI to work on it. They can type in creative prompts too for the generation of a customized image developed with AI.

9,909 owners created a minimum of one NFT, according to the initial mint data. Since the images belonged to the pilot, they can’t be resold. Users were quite excited to share their creations on crypto Twitter.

After the pilot launch, Binance tweeted that there were certain errors due to high demand. The crypto exchange said that their team is working to boost the potential of the server as far as curbing errors and simplifying the minting process are concerned.

Binance further added that those who didn’t make it on the 10,000 beta quota have the option to sign up for the waitlist for the entire version.

Bicasso AI#10445, the most recent NFT, was minted over an hour ago. 

Generative art refers to a new archetype in the world of art that has been designed using an autonomous system. The auction house Christie’s, on February 28, auctioned Fidenza #724, an NFT by Taylor Hobbs that had been created for $440,000 with a computer algorithm. Google Cloud AI converted 10,000 BAYC NFTs into machine-made works of art in August.