Floki announces collaboration with Binance Pay


  • Binance Pay will be Floki’s primary cryptocurrency payment services company.
  • Floki will create a Shop Floki promotion just for Binance Pay customers.
  • Binance Pay will notify millions of Binance App users about Floki’s retail shop promotion through push notifications.

Floki announced on Twitter that it is partnering with Binance Pay. Binance Pay will be the primary cryptocurrency payment mechanism for Floki’s new retail shop.

Shop Floki is Floki’s product store, where you can purchase one-of-a-kind things and style items for yourself, your family and friends, and even your favorite pets.

Binance Pay is the market leader in cryptocurrency payments. It is a crypto transaction function within the Binance application that enables anybody to make international, safe user-to-user transactions straight from the Binance App. Binance is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange, with 120 million users, as well as the most trusted cryptocurrency brand.

Binance Pay will also collaborate with them to increase the implementation of Floki’s unique merchandise shop via a coordinated and collaborative, decisive marketing campaign in which the Floki store promotion will be showcased on the Binance Pay webpage for a month.

Shop Floki is a Floki goods and retail outlet where Floki Vikings and their loved ones may purchase one-of-a-kind things and stylish pieces. These parts, which depict the Viking spirit, allow users to portray Floki.

Floki will collaborate with the Binance Pay group on a unique marketing effort. When this marketing campaign launches, Binance Pay will highlight Floki’s promotion on their site for one month and deliver a push notification to tens of millions of Binance App customers.

The Binance App is hands-down the most decentralized cryptocurrency app, with over 50 million installations on the Google Play Store and many more on the Apple Store. This collaboration enables Floki to leverage the finest in terms of dependability, convenience of use, and brand awareness for our crypto payment requirements.