Zelwin Finance joins Floki to utilize the FlokiFi Locker protocol


  • Zelwin Finance will be using the FlokiFi Locker to safeguard LP tokens and NFTs of projects on the IDO and INO platform.
  • Floki and its partners will promote and deploy FlokiFI Locker’s advanced features.
  • Zelwin has made a platform for IDOs and INOs to support crypto projects with early access to investors.

Zelwin Finance has established a business collaboration with Floki with a promise to utilize FlokiFi Locker in order to protect Liquidity Pool tokens as well as non-fungible tokens of projects that will be released on its Initial Decentralized Offerings or IDO and Initial NFT Offerings or INO platform. 

Zelwin has set up a simple and useful platform for both IDOs and INOs that is excessively used by crypto projects that look forward to having quick access to investors. Such early-stage projects are enabled to make money via IDO participants. 

From more than 100 project applications, about 10 new crypto projects are released on the platform each month.

Owing to the collaboration, Zelwin will use FlokiFi Locker to lock vesting team-held tokens and LP tokens and to lock non-fungible tokens for projects on the launchpad platform. 

A badge will be received by FlokiFied projects, Zelwin launchpad will have a FlokiFi banner and packages that are offered to new projects will have details about FlokiFi Locker. 

Through the collaboration, Floki as well as its partners will promote and utilize the advanced features of the FlokiFi Locker with a goal of making the NFT and cryptocurrency spaces a bit more secure and transparent for investors.