Axie Infinity launches Origin Season 0; Sets on the transition to Origin Phase 3


  • Axie Infinity announces the launch of the ‘Origin Season 0,’ marking the transition into Origin Phase 3.
  • Origin Phase 3 is coming loaded with a variety of important gameplay and economic updates.
  • SLP rewards have reportedly been added to the ranked gameplay mode of the Origin.

Axie Infinity has recently made an announcement on their official Twitter handle regarding the launch of ‘Origin Season 0.’ This marks the transition of the game into Origin Phase 3, which reportedly comes with a range of crucial updates surrounding the gameplay and economic updates. 

Not more than 9 hours ago, Axie Infinity shared a tweet that addressed that the maintenance for the patch is all set to occur in around 3 hours and was expected to last for 5-7 hours. 

As per the latest revelations made in the official announcement by Axie Infinity, there are significant updates to ponder upon coming with Origin Phase 3. One of the key takeaways from the revelation is the SLP rewards that have been added to the ranked gameplay mode of Origin and completely removed from Classic (v2). 

Additionally, they have adjusted the Leaderboard rewards while tweaking the crafting or disenchanting systems, balancing alterations, and much more. 

The Origin Season 0 lasts for 30 days and is undeniably a significant step in their digital nation’s direction as it comprises crucial updates. 

NFT Runes & Charms will be there, too, as they need Slow Love Potion and Moon Shards to craft and are capable of being minted onto Ronin via the marketplace

However, it should be emphasized that the steps towards the improvement of the game and the launch of Season 1, all the rewards, card balancing, crafting costs, and other components of the game are subject to notable tuning and alterations during Season 0.