Filing 2 Trademarks, The DeLorean Enters NFTs & Metaverse


  • The DeLorean Motor Company becomes the recent automaker to join NFT and metaverse.
  • The trademark intends plans for virtual cars, NFT media and stores offering virtual cars.
  • The DeLorean is one of the most iconic on-screen cars of all time.

In an age that’s going beyond virtual reality or metaverse, organizations, individuals and institutions are adopting NFTs to reach their audiences and communicate with them.

Recently, The DeLorean Motor Company, notably the DMC DeLorean has become the latest automaker to join the NFT and metaverse world. On May 30, the company has filed two trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on May 30 for both DMC and DeLorean.

Mike Kondoudis, Licensed trademark attorney, announced the news through his Twitter account:

The trademark application intends plans for virtual cars, NFT-backed media and stores offering virtual cars.

McLaren Automotive, British luxury supercar manufacturer announced the introduction of McLaren Special Operations (MSO) LAB in April. Doing so, they introduced a special new digital community that signifies the next chapter in the company’s metaverse strategy.

No matter NFTs are still considered new, they are garnering an increased amount of interest with time. According to a research by Finbold, the number of trademark applications for NFT in the United States exceeded more than 400 times in 2021, with December being the month when largest number of NFT applications were reported.

Maintaining the same pace in 2022 right from the beginning of the year, the total volume traded in NFTs crossed $54 billion by April 18.

In late May, chief marketing officer at, Marie Tatibouet expressed her certainty that NFTs will surpass the market value of bitcoin in the coming future. Emphasizing it, she confidently spoke about her 100% belief in the prediction.