Trademark Applications Hint at Gucci’s Entry Into the NFT, Crypto, and Metaverse Space


  • Gucci has filed five trademark applications to enter NFT and crypto.
  • LPGA has filed trademark applications to join the NFT space.

Following the tradition of trademark filings, Gucci has become the recent brand to enter the race. The luxury brand filed five trademark applications for its name and logo on June 16.

Trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis announced the update through a tweet:

Through the filings, Gucci has plans for NFT-backed media, crypto brokerage, marketplace services, exchange, virtual clothing, fashion, currency, vehicles, and real estate.

Going into detail, the brand will offer:

  • Digital marketplace for virtual assets, virtual goods, and digital media
  • Virtual currency and electronic transfer, along with the exchange of virtual currency
  • Financial brokering of virtual goods and crypto-collectibles;
  • Virtual fashion shows
  • Ticket reservation and booking services
  • Authentication, issuance, and validation of digital certificates
  • Software to display and transfer NFT-backed digital goods and virtual assets
  • Virtual clothing, accessories, belts, headgear, bags, backpacks, wallets, handbags, computer & phone cases, jewelry, furniture, artworks, perfumes, games & toys, cosmetics, real estate, eyewear, watches, chronometric instruments, and more.

The same day, LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association Corp.) filed trademark applications for LPGA and its “Golfer” logo signaling plans for NFTs & NFT-backed media, retail stores for virtual goods, and virtual footwear headwear, sports equipment, clothing, bags, and sporting events.

Michael Kondoudis shared the news through a post on Twitter:

The trademark filings intend to offer:

  • Virtual footwear, clothing, bags, headwear, golf equipment, sports equipment, art, toys, and accessories
  • NFTs featuring digital art like downloadable multimedia files,
  • Digital tokens used with blockchain technology
  • Digital tokens in the form of downloadable software used with blockchain technology
  • Online retail store services featuring virtual merchandise like footwear, clothing, headwear, bags, sports equipment, golf equipment, art, toys, and accessories
  • Virtual sporting and cultural events.

Interestingly, PGA (Professional Golfers’ Association) also filed trademark applications on May 25 to offer virtual goods, digital collectibles, and digital collectible marketplaces on May 25.

Brands, people, the sports community, and celebrities are all smitten by trademark filings. For instance, on June 13, Mars Inc. filed a trademark for Snickers NFTS, Digital Tokens, And Crypto Collectibles.
On June 14, Beverly Hills filed seven trademark applications to join the metaverse and NFT space.