XFL files NFT, metaverse & Web3 trademark applications for its 5 teams


  • XFL has filed trademarks for its 5 teams on October 28.
  • XFL intends to offer Web3, NFT & metaverse related offerings.
  • Recently, new XFL teams and logos for the upcoming year were revealed byThe Rock.

Mike Kondoudis’ latest tweet states that XFL, the professional American football league, has filed Web3 trademark applications for 5 among its 10 teams. 

The trademarks indicate plans to offer- 

  • NFTs and NFT-supported media
  • NFT trading and marketplaces
  • Virtual clothing
  • Online stores for NFTs and virtual goods 

Going in details, XFL will provide virtual goods related to sports and entertainment, virtual goods related to downloadable AR works, characters, artwork, clothing, avatars, digital overlays, virtual tokens, NFTs, digital animated & non-animated characters & designs and metahumans for use in the metaverse, virtual & online environments. Other offerings include downloadable multimedia files featuring audio files, video files, text, NFTs and artwork. Furthermore, downloadable virtual goods like video, music, images, NFTs, audio, video, artwork, text and more are included in the plan as well. 

Online retail store services and entertainment services will be offered too in categories similar as mentioned above. 

Previously, XFL filed a trademark application for ‘XFL’ on July 21 this year. At the time, it aimed to offer NFTs, virtual goods like metahumans & clothing and virtual worlds & online metaverses.

Clearly, the sports industry is swiftly moving into Web3. With more and more submissions of NFT and metaverse trademarks, new virtual worlds can be expected to engage fans with their favorite athletes and players.

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