In-N-Out Burger steps into NFTs & metaverse with trademark filing


  • In-N-Out Burger filed a trademark application on October 6.
  • The American fast food restaurant chain has plans to enter into NFTs and metaverse.
  • Earlier, In-N-Out Burger released its own sneakers based on its soft drink cups.

A day before, Today NFT News reported that both Formula One and Del Monte filed for eight trademark applications on October 5 to get into the NFTs and metaverse space. 

Now, according to another similar update by trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis, In-N-Out Burger has also filed a trademark application.

The trademark was filed on October 6 to offer-

  • Non-fungible tokens and NFT-supported media
  • NFT and Digital token exchanges
  • Virtual foods and drinks
  • Retail stores for virtual goods

In-N-Out Burger has plans to offer downloadable multimedia such as text, audio, video and artwork related to foods, drinks and restaurants. Other offerings include downloadable software that can be utilized to send, receive, accept, transfer and store non-fungible tokens electronically.

Temporary use of online downloadable software to transfer, access, exchange as well as create ownership of digital tokens, digital media, digital assets, digital files, virtual goods and blockchain tokens belonging to beverages, restaurants, foods and merchandise are also covered in the filing.

Previously, other fast food chain companies like Taco Bell and Subway also filed trademark applications to move into NFTs and the metaverse world. Other than these, a number of other food and beverage companies have also gone into the metaverse and NFTs.