New trademark applications hint at eBay’s entry into the Metaverse


  • eBay filed two trademark applications on June 23.
  • The leading online platform aims to expand in NFT and metaverse.
  • eBay hopes to become a significant player in the digital economy.

Trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis has disclosed on his Twitter account that eBay has filed two new trademark applications on June 23 for federal trademark protection for the name eBay.

According to the details, the company is looking forward to:

  • Non-fungible tokens;
  • Downloadable computer software to manage and verify NFTs on a blockchain;
  • Computer programs and computer software for use in electronically creating, trading, storing, sending, receiving, accepting, and transmitting, crypto-collectibles, and NFTs, alongside managing digital transactions and data authentication through blockchain technology;
  • Online retail store services like real and virtual goods, such as digital collectibles, crypto-collectibles, and NFTs on a blockchain network featuring or linking to digital or physical goods;
  • Online trading services like operating online marketplaces for transactions of buyers and sellers of virtual goods and blockchain-based NFTs via blockchain-based software technology and smart contracts;
  • Online marketplace services like providing a marketplace for buyers and sellers of NFTs;
  • Exchange services relating to NFTs;
  • Providing an interactive website enabling users to create, view, buy, and sell digital assets via blockchain-based transactions;
  • Providing non-downloadable computer programs for managing the creation, purchase, and sale of NFTs;
  • It provides computer software for creating, purchasing, and selling rights to digital assets.

According to Michael Kondoudis:

These filings are the next logical step to protect the eBay brand as it transitions from online services into the Metaverse.

Having recognized the potential of the metaverse, eBay is preparing trademarks and brands for the virtual economy, hoping to become the chief player in the upcoming virtual economy.

In concluding his opinion, he mentioned:

We expect the number of trademark filings for NFT and virtual products and services to increase in the next twelve months as brands come to appreciate the need for protection in the Metaverse.

Previously, eBay announced its first collection of NFTs in partnership with one based on 3D and animated versions of legendary athletes featured on Sports Illustrated covers over the years.

On the same day, i.e., June 23, another brand to file trademark applications is Louis Vuitton, with plans to enter in NFT, virtual goods, digital collectibles, and NFTs financial services.

Mike Kondoudis announced news of its trademark filing through a post on Twitter:

Other big names that have filed trademark applications lately include Lowe’s and Wrigley’s.