Jimmy Butler Did it Again! Files Trademark for BIG FACE BRAND


  • NBA star Jimmy Butler has filed trademark application for BIG FACE brand.
  • In 2020, he filed three trademarks for BIG FACE COFFEE.
  • This time, he intends to expand beyond coffee and enter fresh produce, baked goods & beverages.

Looks like it’s the season of metaverse trademark, as more and more powerful names are filing application almost every next day. The person to join the list lately is, Jimmy Butler, American professional Basketball Player. Trademark application by him is for “BIG FACE” brand and was filed in April, this year. He has filed for- BIG FACE, MAY CAUSE INVOLUNTARY HAPPINESS and CONTAINS SMILEMATTER.

Butler’s goal behind filing the trademark application is expanding beyond coffee to baked goods, fresh produce and beverages.

The news was posted by trademark attorney Josh Gerben on his Twitter account:

In September 2020, the star had filed for three trademarks for “Big Face Coffee.” According to Josh Gerben, Butler paid $4,125 in fees to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

These applications aimed at protecting Butler’s new brand in association with a variety of goods and services, comprising of coffee, sodas, apparel, mugs & cups, produce and more. By filing the logo and the names separately, he reserved the rights to use the trademarks independently on products.

During that time, as per his significant investment in the intellectual property for his coffee business clearly showed that he was quite serious and passionate about the venture.

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