eBay Begins its NFT Ride with First Collection of NFTs


  • eBay has announced the launch of a series of exclusive NFTs with OneOf.
  • Series will feature 3D & animated versions of various sports icons.
  • The collection features thirteen limited-edition digital collectibles.

Online marketplace eBay has now become the latest company to enter the NFT business. The company has announced partnering with OneOf to launch its first collection of NFTs.

eBay’s NFT collection, Genesis will feature 3D and animated versions of legendary athletes who have been featured on Sports Illustrated covers over the years. The company says that surge in the collectibles market has pushed them towards their first-ever collaboration in the giant NFT space.

The first NFT collection will comprise of Canadian hockey player, Wayne Gretzky. The collection will have 13 limited-edition digital collectibles as green, gold, platinum and diamond-tier NFTs with up to 299 editions each in the green tier, to a highly coveted 15 editions only in the diamond tier. Starting at $10 with a 3D animation; it shows Gretzky making his signature move on the ice. The company has plans to come up with more collections through the year, featuring various other athletes.

eBay shared the exciting update through a tweet:

Wayne Gretzky, in his statement, said:

Forty years ago, I was grateful to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, it was a monumental moment in my life,” says Wayne Gretzky, Sportsman of the Year. “I’m honored to bring this collectible experience to my hockey fans who have followed my career for decades.

Dawn Block, the vice president of collectibles, electronics and home at eBay, said:

Through our partnership with OneOf, eBay is now making coveted NFTs more accessible to a new generation of collectors everywhere. This builds upon our commitment to deliver high-passion, high-value items to the eBay community of buyers and sellers.

Though the launch may seem a surprise to some, it is actually not a surprise, as eBay had already disclosed its plans to embrace NFTs and other related capabilities to bring blockchain-based collections towards its platform. Currently, the company has a renowned exposure in the online world; however, to compete with leading crypto native NFT marketplaces, it has to do some really serious work.