World’s biggest Tequila companies take a step further into NFTs and metaverse


  • Jose Cuervo looks forward to gaining a foothold in the metaverse with metadistillery.
  • One-fifth of the tequila consumed across the globe is produced by Jose Cuervo.
  • Interactive games and challenges will delight the users further.

World’s best tequila brand Jose Cuervo has made up its mind to dive deeper into the metaverse. 

The company has filed various trademark applications with USPTO for multimedia dependent NFTs; virtual food, drinks & apparel; virtual distilleries; digital asset marketplaces and virtual restaurants and bars.

The brand had announced in March that it is looking forward to opening a distinctive distillery in Decentraland. 

Last week, the project finally went live featuring Decentraland and Jose Cuervo wearables.  Users who are legally allowed to drink can engage in interactive games and drink mixing challenges offered by the metadistillery.

Jose Cuervo has collaborated with many digital experts and designers to  take the distillery into the metaverse. Going the unique way, it has given users the opportunity to know all about blue agave, the plant whose ingredients have a vital role in producing tequila.

Iconic brewing company Anheuser-Busch had also filed multiple trademark applications in April this year. Back in 2021, the brand launched its first ever collection of virtual beer cans. Another popular brand, Heineken dropped “Heineken Silver” NFT beer in the metaverse earlier this year. The virtual beer features computer-generated ingredients that are used by beer lovers in the metaverse.