Heineken Drops “Heineken Silver”, NFT Beer in the Metaverse

  • The virtual beer is Decentraland’s product, without a doubt. 
  • Because of this, it is composed of computer-generated ingredients used by beer fans in the metaverse. 
  • Heineken representatives said the beer was made from hops grown by non-player character farmers using binary codes.

 In addition to being only available through Decentraland, the brand says its Silver beer is brewed with Binary Coded Hops grown by NPCs (non-player characters). It has been replaced by A-Pixels, our special A-yeast, usually used in horizontal tanks.”

Ultimately, they’re both joking as Heineken’s campaign is just a light-hearted jab at brands’ obsession with virtual worlds and a reminder that nothing replaces drinking real beer.

Global head of Heineken, Bram Westenbrink, commented on its new venture: “We see it as an ironic joke.”. It is a fun way to mock our company and many other companies with their products. Pixels and bytes are not yet available to you. Our newest virtual Heineken Silver is no match for the taste of a refreshing beer, just like the authentic Heineken Silver.

The company collaborated with Spanish street artist J.Demsky during the 1990s graffiti boom to create the virtual home of Heineken Silver. Demosy’s work has been exhibited around the world.

Heineken is now among many beverage companies taking their drinks online. There is also Top Shelf International, Liquid Death, Coca-Cola, and Dalmore Whiskey, to name a few.

An online press conference was held on March 17 to announce Heineken Silver. Entering Heineken’s virtual brewery, attendees were invited to create their avatars.

The new beer was introduced with a voiceover: “With no hidden sugars, no calories, no alcohol present.” As an avatar of Bram Westenbrink, global head of Heineken, appeared on stage, he explained how Heineken Silver was developed: “Bringing the brewing industry into the digital age,” he said, adding it took “a lot of pixels, plenty of coding, and many hours of programming.”

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