Dubai’s Government might soon enter the Metaverse


  • Dubai’s Government might soon be seen to enter the Metaverse.
  • Dubai is one country that has put in millions of infrastructure to make sure the Metaverse industry booms.
  • Government agencies and ministries are asking a lot about how to become Metaverse-enabled.

To allow users to conduct actions in these facilities in the future, Dubai, an emirate that is a member of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is moving some of its governmental departments into the metaverse

This would be the nation’s next move after it previously unveiled its Dubai Metaverse Strategy to establish this technology as a crucial component of the emirate’s future.

At a regional metaverse-themed event, Sharad Agarwal, the chief metaverse officer of Dubai-based Cybergear, discussed this procedure.

According to him, government agencies and ministries are now asking them a lot about how to become Metaverse-enabled. Dubai will eventually become the global center for cryptocurrency and the Metaverse.

But it will take time for these spaces to be built and for their purposes to be established. The next thing Agarwal said was, “There is hard work involved. You need to decide what services you want to give and your business strategy before onboarding the community just like it does in the physical world.

Dubai is one country that has put in place a global strategy to make the metaverse a successful industry in the future. According to the Dubai Metaverse Strategy, a set of principles that aims to have the metaverse contribute 1% of the country’s GDP by 2030, there should be 42,000 virtual jobs accessible. 

To seize chances in the metaverse, the Dubai government has decided to create a special task force that would monitor and assess recent changes in its digital economy.

Emirates, the largest airline in the UAE and one of the two national carriers, is looking to transformative digital technologies like bitcoin, blockchain, and metaverse to connect with its customers even more quickly and conveniently. The airline has already developed a clever plan to accomplish the goal.

Agarwal emphasized the real estate sector as one of the potential uses for metaverse technology in the future, even though some people find it difficult to see the appeal of the metaverse for Dubai.