Ajman Police Officers & Public Will Now Interact in Metaverse


  • UAE police have set up a metaverse service to help the public.
  • Ajman plans to expand virtual reality access to all of its police stations.
  • 7 officers from the Al Nuaimaiah police station have been trained in metaverse technology.

Thanks to technological advancements, now it is possible to interact with the Ajman Police in the metaverse.

Upon wearing Virtual Reality headsets and connecting via tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, or laptops, members of the community and police officials can interact with each other. Moreover, visitors can visit officials in a meeting room in the metaverse.

Ajman Police announced the news through a Twitter post:

According to Ajman Police General Command, its metaverse project is the first of its kind police service in the UAE, and with this development; it has become the first government body in the emirate of Ajman to adopt the digital leap.

Head of the Services Development Team at Al Nuaimiya Comprehensive Police Station in Ajman, Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed bin Abdullah Abu Shehab, said:

The project came within Ajman Police’s efforts to strengthen cooperation with its customers and involve them in the design and development of services. Metaverse comes within the framework of facilitating the meeting between customers through VR, which brings them together with police officers without the need for a personal presence at the police station.

He also mentioned that the designed platform offers a unique customer experience via the virtual world, which makes sure the provision of services is in line with the future lifestyle. He added that the government of UAE is trying its best and assures delivering high-tech services. 

Seven officers from the Al Nuaimaiah police station have been trained in metaverse technology. Furthermore, the service was tested locally to measure its success.

Maj Noura Sultan Al Shamsi, head of Ajman Police’s media relations team, said:

This was a trial but having proved successful, officers will continue to meet residents virtually.

She also said that before launching the service, officers held meetings with residents in person and explored the use of virtual meetings with an aim to simplify things for people who are unable to visit the station in person.

A one-of-a-kind experiment was designed for a virtual hall in the metaverse, at the Innovation Lab at Al Nuaimiya Comprehensive Police Station in association with the innovation team of Ajman Police.