Artist Mark Mallia and Charles & Ron Enters Into the Metaverse

  • An artist known as Mark Mallia and Charles & Ron have now entered the Metaverse and augmented reality with an innovative Maltese company.
  • They have teamed up with their leaders in the industry known as ARize.
  • As of now, ARize is on a mission to bring forth 3D and Augmented reality capabilities to all their fans.

A Maltese artist called Mark Mallia as well as a lifestyle brand Charles and Ron has now experienced their creations entering the Metaverse. They have teamed up with their leaders in their respective fields. Their leader is ARize.

Despite ARize having their contribution towards 3D, Augmented, and Virtual Reality specialists in order to transport the huge fans of fashion and art to a whole new world by introducing metaverse galleries to them. Their sole mission is to bring 3D and AR available to everyone and provide them with a beautiful visual experience.

Lovin Malta reached out to Malia and he said that two galleries will launch their project in June. He said that the first galley will feature forty pieces of art at an affordable price while the second gallery will feature twenty-one pieces of art that are exclusive and rare.

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Mallia praised Tomas Mahoney, the boss of ARize for their art being displayed on this new platform. ARize also engages itself in the fashion industry of Malta, along with the lifestyle brand, belonging to Charles and Ron. This will bring forth a whole new dimension in the fashion world.

This digital platform will be used to display the pieces from the fashion house in AR/3D format, enabling the individuals to explore their creations from their devices. A good internet connection is all that’s required. Fans that will purchase their creations through the metaverse gallery will be granted a physical copy of them.

Since it’s augmented reality, when an individual visits the event, the system built-in them will let the users see how the specific piece they are willing to purchase will look at their home.

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