Indianapolis Motor Speedway is advancing into the metaverse & NFT space


  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway has filed a trademark application for INDY.
  • The trademark application indicates offerings related to NFTs and metaverse.
  • Last year, IMS made it to the headlines for conducting the first-ever autonomous car race.

NFTs and metaverse trademarks have gone a step ahead as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has filed a trademark application on November 11. The trademark has been filed for INDY with plans to offer- 

  • Virtual clothing, automobiles and footwear
  • NFT-supported multimedia
  • Retail stores for virtual products and media 

The news was shared by trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis on Twitter.

Diving into details, Indianapolis Motor Speedway will offer downloadable virtual products such as computer programs displaying hats, clothing, footwear, headwear, backpacks, eyewear, bags, automobiles, toys, balloons, sports equipment, trading cards souvenirs, accessories and novelty products to be utilized in online virtual worlds. Other offerings include downloadable multimedia files having audio, video, artwork and text related to automobile racing and related events verified by NFTs .

Downloadable audio as well as video recordings displaying automobile & racing events verified by NFTs, downloadable images files with still images, artwork and photographs displaying race cars, racetracks, race car drivers and associated materials verified by NFTs. 

Some more offerings include entertainment services in the form of television programs. 

Last year, IMS hosted a race on October 23 and there were no human drivers. The first-of-its-kind competition had 21 universities from a total of nine nations taking part in the Indy Autonomous Challenge. The winning prize was $1 million and the amount was given to the university of the winning team for their contribution in research and development of  independent technologies.

Last month, Formula One jumped into NFTs, crypto and metaverse with ‘F1’ trademarks.