Kraft Foods & Fender file NFT & metaverse trademarks to advance their offerings


  • Kraft Foods and Fender have filed NFT and metaverse trademark applications.
  • Similar applications were last year filed by Fender for STRATOCASTER and FENDER.
  • In June, Kraft Foods filed trademarks for a number of its household name products that included Kool-aid, Jell-o and Philadelphia.

Kraft Foods filed a NFT and metaverse trademark application on October 12 for the legendary ‘Weinermobile.’ 

Weinermobile refers to a fleet of six strangely shaped cars that travel in America and advertise Oscar Myer products. The initial Weinermobile was made in 1936 and their drivers are termed Hotdoggers.

The filings aim at offering-

  • NFT marketplace
  • Non-fungible tokens and digital tokens
  • Virtual restaurants, foods and drinks
  • Online stores for virtual goods and NFTs

Based on the application, it looks like Kraft is focused on a Weinermobile-inspired virtual restaurant on which it will create the ecosystem. Going in a bit more detail, the trademark includes-

  • Virtual beverage and food products like downloadable multimedia files like music, art , audio and video related to beverages, foods and restaurants and validated by NFTs. 
  • Online retail solutions like virtual goods and non-fungible tokens through an online marketplace. 
  • Entertainment services via a virtual restaurant to enable patrons to make rewards points besides virtual currencies. These rewards can then be redeemed in the virtual and real world or utilized for entertainment offered by Weinermobile.
  • A virtual restaurant that has both real and virtual goods and even provides home delivery service in virtual as well as real world.

A day before, i.e. On October 11, Fender applied to trademark TELECASTER. The filings include plans for- 

The trademark filings include- 

  • Downloadable virtual goods like photographs, digital art, audio and video recording of music or musical instruments. Downloadable digital images and artwork based on music or musical instruments. 
  • Online non-downloadable virtual goods like photographs, digital art, audio or video recordings. Providing digital artwork and images with NFTs and other blockchain based digital tokens.

According to a report in June, NFT trademark applications filed in the United States had surpassed 4,000.

In the same month, Kraft Foods had filed trademark applications to offer NFT and metaverse based offerings and solutions.