Mercedes-Benz files crypto, NFT and metaverse trademarks


  • Mercedes-Benz has filed NFT, metaverse and crypto trademark applications.
  • The filings have been done for S-Class, G-Class, company’s name and more.
  • The company has previous exposure to Web3.

Last month, Today NFT News reported that BMW filed NFT & Metaverse trademark applications. On December 14, another vehicle automotive brand did the same, as tweeted by trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis. 

According to the tweet, Mercedes-Benz has filed trademark applications for Mercedes Benz, Mercedes, the S-Class, G-Class and Maybach. According to the details, the company has plans to offer non-fungible tokens, financial services, virtual clothing and goods, crypto trading, and more.

Crypto collectibles, digital currency, stores for virtual goods, virtual vehicle parts, virtual home appliances, footwear, and furniture are among the other offerings. 

Reportedly, in January, the company partnered with ART2PEOPLE, the international crypto artist collective, for its very first NFT project, NF-G. Under the project, five elite international artists honored the G-Class by creating an exclusive, one-off digital art, like an NFT. The aim behind it was to establish a bridge between the two different worlds of G-Class admirers and the increasing NFT community. 

Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team and FTX launched free-to-claim Ticket Stubs NFTs in April. The non-fungible tokens were the artistic illustration of a Mercedes-AMG Petronas race ticket, as well as rare non-fungible tokens made by world’s popular artists.